Regular Bookings


Mini Market - Hall 

U3A Science/History – Hall,

Open Space Dance – Hall

CA Monday – Community Room 1 Lessons

Piano – Community Room 2



U3A Discussion group/Local History Hall

U3A Italian Beginners

U3A Short Stories Community Room 1

Open Space Dance -Hall

AA Tuesday – Community Room 2

Piano 3:30 – 6:30 Community Room 2



Zoom Zoom Zoom (pre- school mothers and babies music group)

U3A Book Reading Hall

U3A Photography

U3A Beginning Computing Hall (once a month)

Breast Feeding Support (once a month)

Lunchtime – Just So Yoga

Open Space Dance- Hall

Understanding Islam and Latin Beginners

U3A Spanish Beginners Community Room

U3A Spanish Intermediate Community Room

Brighton Crafties



AA Thursday Hall                                                                

Stretch and Relax / Yoga Hall

U3A Music Appreciation Community Room 2, every second week

Speak Out- Support Group for adults with Learning difficulties CM 1



Silver Sounds(Salsa band) Hall

Open Space Dance - Hall

Dog Training Hall

CA Friday Community Room 1

U3A Art History Appreciation

U3A French / Italian Community Room 2

U3A How Music Works Community Room 2



Pilates Hall

Open Space Dance Hall

AA Saturday Community Room 2

Creative Movement Hall



Flamenco Dancing (2 per month)

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St George's Church, Kemp Town, Brighton

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