Regular Bookings

Monday – Sporting Memories, 10am, Main Hall –


Caring Solutions ‘Buzz Club’ 12 – 4pm. Arts and crafts for adults with learning disabilities.


Afro Brazilian Drumming Class, 7pm, Main Hall – text Lewis 07940 910852


Cocaine Anonymous, 10am, Adelaide Room


U3A International Travel / Science / Green Conversation, various times, Adelaide Room FOR U3A LISTINGS AND TO JOIN, PLEASE SEE


Tuesday –

Alcoholics Anonymous, 10am, Main Hall


U3A, Discussion group, 1.45pm, Main Hall Zumba, 5.45pm,


Main Hall – email Peer Action Yoga, 6pm,


Adelaide Room – Yoga, 7.15pm, Adelaide Room – email


Wednesday –


U3A, Early Britain, 10am, Local History,


12.30pm Zumba, 6.45pm, Main Hall – email

U3A, Spanish Conversation, 10am, Adelaide Room


Women’s Narcotics Anonymous, 6.30pm, Adelaide Room


Thursday –

Baby Sensory and parent meditation (from January), 9.30am, Main Hall


Alcoholics Anonymous, 11am,


Main Hall ‘Stand Tall’, flex classes for 65+, 2pm, Main Hall - Savage Heart Theatre Company, drama classes for adults, 6.30/8pm –


U3A, Opera, 2pm, Adelaide Room


CoDa, Adelaide Room, 7pm


Friday –


Women’s Alcoholics Anonymous, 9.45am, Main Hall


U3A, Art Appreciation, 12.30,


Main Hall Silver Sounds, Samba for 50+, 3pm,

Main Hall –


U3A, French Conversation, 10am,


Italian Improvers 11am, Adelaide Room


Caring Solutions ‘Buzz Club’ 12.30pm – Music for adults with learning disabilities.



Saturday – Dance classes for 3 – 5 year olds, Main Hall, 9.30am - Email


LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous, 2pm, Main Hall

Alcoholics Anonymous, 7pm, Main Hall