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St George’s Community Centre Schedule

Monday – Sporting Memories, 10am, Main Hall –

U3A USA Politics - 2pm

Cocaine Anonymous, 10am, Adelaide Room

U3A International Travel / Science / Green Conversation, various times, Adelaide Room


‘Tea and Tango’ – 7.30pm, Adelaide Room, email Evenings – Private Hire (email to book a room)



Tuesday –

Alcoholics Anonymous, 10am, Main Hall

Various Dance classes for children and adults, email

U3A, Discussion group, 10am, ‘Busby’ Room

U3A Art, Adelaide Room, 10.30am

Peer Action Yoga, 6pm, Adelaide Room –

Wednesday –

U3A, Early Britain / Sussex History - Churches, 10am, Main Hall

U3A Local History, 12.30pm, Main Hall

U3A Built Environment / Roman History, 1.45pm, Main Hall Various Dance classes for children and adults, email Zumba, 6.45pm, Main Hall – email

U3A, Spanish Conversation, 10am, Adelaide Room

Private Nursery Group, 1pm –

Women’s Narcotics Anonymous, 6.30pm, Adelaide Room


Thursday –

Alcoholics Anonymous, 11am, Main Hall

‘Stand Tall’, flex classes for 65+, 2.15pm, Main Hall -

Savage Heart Theatre Company, drama classes for adults, 6.30/8pm –

Private Nursery Group, 9am –

U3A, Opera, 2pm, Adelaide Room

CoDa, Adelaide Room, 7pm



Friday –

Women’s Alcoholics Anonymous, 9.45am, Main Hall

U3A, Art Appreciation, 12.30, Main Hall

Silver Sounds, Samba for 50+, 3pm, Main Hall –

U3A, French Conversation, 10am, Italian Improvers 11am, Adelaide Room Evenings – Private Hire (email for hire)



Saturday –

Dance classes for 3 – 5 year olds, Main Hall, 9am - Email

LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous, 2pm, Main Hall

Alcoholics Anonymous, 7pm, Main Hall Adelaide Room 

Workshops and private hire. Email for more information



AND MORE! Call 01273 279448 (ext 2) for more information or to book a room.

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