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The clergy are happy to conduct a funeral service for you.

(It is the custom to ask the funeral director to contact the clergy and arrange a time and place).


We will work with you on getting the best service which reflects the person

who has died, and also makes sure the people attending feel comfortable.


The service can be at church or in one of the local crematoria

It can be based on the traditional prayer book service, which an older generation may have been brought up with, or on the contemporary service.


It is possible to make sure that your service is personalised by the music and readings you choose, and of course what is said in the eulogy.

(A eulogy is simply saying something about the person you are here to remember).

The service will usually have:

Hymns and/or music


A eulogy

Time for remembering

A reflection on what is happening


A Sending on their way

The eulogy can be given by the priest, who will have spoken with you, so that he or she knows the life story and something about the person you are remembering, or you can ask a member of the family or a friend to give that. 


(Some people choose to have a slide show to help people remember).

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