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St George's Mission Action Plan (MAP)
We are being encouraged by the Dioceses to set out some goals for our church.  They have given us four areas to think about, and this is our response:

Being more open

Developing screen and projector
Action Install new glass screen and projector – to help with worship and faith talks

Utilising Zoom for blended meetings
Action Continue zoom services after lockdown – develop possibilities

Enhancing Communication
Action Renew pew leaflet Expanded e-mail communication Greater online presence Disseminating information and involving people in decision making within the congregation, our organization, and within the wider community

Implementing new services with more people taking part
Action Invite people to plan services and take a leading role for: Compline Healing service Weekday services

Development and maintenance of gardens
Action Volunteers enhancing the garden leading to increased use by the local communit

Being more generous

Developing our buildings with community
Action Working with the local community to redesign the old nursery rooms Looking at the needs of local area and people Fund raising Works to buildings Outreach so that people can use the new and present rooms

Use of facilities such as screen, Community Centre rooms, cafe and facilities
Action Promoting the use of our facilities via Personal contact, Café and Community Centre , Posters Screen adverts, Social media

Revamp Library – for those training for ministry and our own congregation
Action List books and seek advice on new purchases Develop a lending system

Looking at relationship with local publications
Action Advertising in the Brightonian magazine Writing articles for local newspapers

Introducing Food Bank donation points in the building
Action Setting out tables for donations

Being more engaged

Forming a movie club for local people, special screenings for autistic people and people with dementia, school holiday children’s screening
Action Install new screen, projector and speakers Work with staff to run and promote club

Encourage community and centre group use
Action Providing upgraded screen and projection Look at providng

Church twitter and Instagram accounts
Action To allow greater knowledge of what we are doing Working with groups to employ an older people’s worker Action

Working with local groups to research needs and possibilities Applying for funding to employ a worker Setting up groups and facilities for older people
Action Six months researching circumstances of older and isolated local people Working with groups and people to set up appropriate groups and activities

Increasing contact with local groups and local people
Action Revamping “Friends of St George’s church” Reaching 300 - 400 Action Setting up events and talks Using existing database

More Converted to Jesus

Developing zoom and an online presence for the worshipping communities
Action Attending training for Zoom and Face book, together with wix our web site host, and Christian Resource Exhibition(CRE) training.

Developing a blog to promote the faith life of the church
Action This will promote the work of the church and give access to the church and facilities

Growing Community in Prayer and Love
Action Looking at shared events where the worshipping community and wider community can come together and get to know one another – examples of this are our shared Potluck Supper and outdoor Harvest service Prayer group Visiting Group – for the parishioners and in combination with older persons’ project (See more engaged)

Action Setting up two courses each year: Continuing the Lent Courses Summer/Autumn Course Possibly lay led


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