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Baptism (Christening) at St George's Church​


(sometimes called Christening)


We bring our children, (and sometimes adults), to be Baptised for many reasons.  Among them:


It is a time when we give our children their "Christian" names.  That is the name that they will be known by within the family that is the church.


It is also a time when we symbolically wash our children clean from any sin, and we ask the Holy Spirit to dwell within them to guard and guide them throughout their lives.


We pledge our support for them as they grow and make their way in the world.


We also come to celebrate.  People often have a party at the back of Church, or at home, with a buffet and beverages.  It is always good to celebrate with a party.


The services usually take place within the main Sunday worship, so that the family of the church can welcome the new members.


It will include parents and Godparents pledging their support:

Promising to look after the child

Promising to teach the child about the Christian faith

The child will have water poured over their head as a sign of God’s blessing and as a sign of the work of the Holy Spirit, who like a stream of running water flows where it wills.

The child will also be signed with the cross, on their forehead, in oil blessed by the Bishop at a service which is held once a year for all the churches in the Diocese.  One of the things that this demonstrates is that we are not only part of our local church, but part of a much larger, world-wide, family.


If you would like to talk about Baptism, then contact

Fr Andrew and he will talk with you about the service and what it means.  If you would then like to go ahead he will help you with making the arrangements.

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