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John Howard Cottages
In 1922 the Brighton philanthropist John Howard provided the finance to build 24 cottages for former nurses.
He wanted to provide homes for people who had given a part of their lives to the nursing profession, but who had now fallen on hard times.
The cottages are alms houses, and are part  of the Alms House Association.
The trusteeship of the Cottages has fallen to the PCC of St George's church, and they continue to look after former nurses, and to provide independent living for former nurses.
The agents for the property are Graves Son and Pilcher.  
If you would like to know more, or apply to live in one of the cottages, please contact them at:
Old Stiene, Brighton, BN1 1HU               tel: 01273 321123

St Mark’s School

St Mark’s School was once attached to St Mark’s Church on Eastern Road, but when the parish of St Mark joined with St George then it became a part of the new parish.

The building was once where the Bell Tower Industrial Estate now stands, but moved to Manor Road to provide more space and better facilities.

St George’s Church supports the school by putting forward governors, and providing occasional help with finances for projects.

St George’s is also the venue for school celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.

For more information, visit the school web-site:

st Mark's School.jpg
Royal Engineers.jpg

The Royal Engineers

The Royal Engineers have their war memorials in

St George's Church, and they come to pay their respects to friends who have lost their lives in the service of their country, and to remember former members of the regiment.

Members are very much a part of the St George’s family, albeit they may live in other parts of the country, and may attend churches in their own community.

The annual re-dedication of their standard occurs around June - so keep your eyes open and come and join them

They are also good supporters of the church and parish, so you will see them when they join us for major festivals, like St George's Day

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