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Steeped in nearly two hundred years of prayer, and echoing with the sounds of special life events - yet still open to new and exciting ways of worship


Our church is open and inclusive - everyone is truly welcome


Holding out our hands to people who know their need of God and their need of a warm and nurturing community


In a broken and confusing world sometimes a space of serenity and calm, but also a space of community and support.

    Jesus Loves You

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Lent and Easter at St George's

Lent Course Tuesdays at 17:00 at church

Mothering Sunday – 10th March

10.30 am

There will be bouquets of daffodils to take home for mum. 


Palm Sunday – 24th March 

10am: Service begins in the gardens 

(This is an early start so that we can fit in the whole liturgy for the day) 

We walk with Jesus as he is hailed king of the Jews, knowing that only a few days later he will be betrayed and handed over to be crucified.


Maundy Thursday – 28th March 

7pm: Service including the washing of feet and striping of altar 

Jesus gives us the gift of the Eucharist along with a new commandment: “Love one another” 

8—9pm: Watch of the passions 

We take a time to sit with Jesus as he contemplates what is to happen in the next few days. A time perhaps to take stock of our own lives. 


Good Friday – 29th March 

1pm: The Stations of the cross 

We walk with Jesus along the way of the cross. 

A time to think of the relevance of the trial, road to Calvary, and the resurrection and what they mean in the present day. 

2pm: Liturgy of the day 


We stand alongside of Jesus as he is taken to the cross and left to die. 

Easter Day – 31st March 

10.30am: Easter celebrations 

We celebrate the empty tomb and all that it means to us! 

Followed by shared brunch in which we celebrate the church – the community which Jesus left to guide people in an often difficult world. 

Please feel free to attend our services at St George's

at 10:30 on each Sunday morning


If you would like to join us at 10:30am on Sunday morning in the chat room church then please press this link:

or join us by telephone:

0203 051 2874

When asked tap in:

834 2394 5103 


                   A Prayer for Peace

Almighty God

From all thoughts of truth and peace proceed

Kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all people

The true love of peace;

And guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom

Those who take counsel for the nations of the earth;

That in tranquillity your kingdom may go forward,

Till the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord

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