Steeped in nearly two hundred years of prayer, and echoing with the sounds of special life events - yet still open to new and exciting ways of worship


Our church is open and inclusive - everyone is truly welcome


Holding out our hands to people who know their need of God and their need of a warm and nurturing community


In a broken and confusing world sometimes a space of serenity and calm, but also a space of community and support.

    Jesus Loves You

Please feel free to attend our services at St George's

at 10:30 on each Sunday morning


If you would like to join us at 10:30am on Sunday morning in the chat room church then please press this link:

or join us by telephone:

0203 051 2874

When asked tap in:

834 2394 5103 

Special Services:

To see times and dates of our Christmas services press on the link:


Covid 19 Update

The present government guidance says that places of worship and places holding concerts must get people to wear masks.


This is something we all must do. 


(as a cafe this restriction is lifted so that people may eat and drink)


Short services for those who are not able to join us at the Church Buildings or via our Zoom Room Church 

A short service for the week beginning 16th January

A short service for 2nd week of Christmas/New Year

A short service for Christmas 2021