Steeped in nearly two hundred years of prayer, and echoing with the sounds of special life events - yet still open to new and exciting ways of worship


Our church is open and inclusive - everyone is truly welcome


Holding out our hands to people who know their need of God and their need of a warm and nurturing community


In a broken and confusing world sometimes a space of serenity and calm, but also a space of community and support.

    Jesus Loves You

I have now had chance to meet with Laura, Sandro and Alex.


We have looked at the work it might be possible to do over November, and the financial implications.


It seems sensible in terms of the church to:


Close the church for the month of November.  We are not allowed to meet for worship.  Although we could attempt to have the church open for private prayer, given that people are in lockdown it seems unlikely that it will be used.  Notices will be posted on the building.  We would hope to open for worship as soon as the government guidelines change/allow.  In the meantime, we shall continue with our zoom services.


In terms of the Community Centre:


We will be able to keep the Support Groups, Pharmacy and The Peasant going under the new lockdown guidelines.

The choirs will not be allowed to meet from Thursday onwards.

There are several groups which we had hoped to start in November, but these start dates will be postponed until December.

With no work which is able to take place over November it is best that Laura is furloughed.


In terms of the Cafe:


It is not possible to have sit down coffees and snacks from Thursday, and this is where most of our income has been generated.

Take away would be possible but we would have to raise around £80 a day to break even within a calendar month.  With the added restrictions of lockdown this is unlikely to be achievable.

It seems best that Sandro is furloughed.


In terms of Cleaning:


Although some groups will be meeting, they are already tasked with cleaning the rooms which they use.

It seems sensible to furlough Alex.


All of this is subject to PCC agreement, and I shall update you as things change.




Fr Andrew


Opening St George’s Church for Public Services

If you would like to see a copy of the service sheet to follow in Zoom please go to:

If you would like to join us at 10:30am on Sunday mornings in the chat room church then please press this link:

or join us by telephone:

0203 051 2874

When asked tap in



Short services for those who are not able to join us at the Church Buildings or via our Zoom Room Church 

A short service for

Easter Day

A short service with the theme of Remembrance 

A short service for All saints

Harvest Festival

A short service for Sunday 6th December

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St George's Church, Kemp Town, Brighton

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