Dear Group Convenor and Committee Member


The U3A committee met this morning to discuss our reaction and response to the current Coronavirus crisis and to agree our next steps.


The attached note will be sent to all members very shortly, and I suggest you read that first.


You will note that although we are recommending immediate cessation of our programme of activities, we have left it open for individual convenors to carry on until Easter if they so wish, providing that any necessary venue is still available, and also being mindful of the current NHS guidance regarding self-isolation if you have a persistent cough and/or fever.


To be clear:

1. All groups are advised to stop as of 5pm today

2. Nevertheless, having first read the attached note, and considered all the issues, please contact me if you decide you would like your group to continue through to the Easter break. If so, we would welcome a discussion with you, before advising your group members of your decision.

3. Regrettably the Committee has, after considerable discussion, decided to cancel the summer term and the Open Day, with the intention of re-starting in September.

4. The Committee will provide further information when it can.

5. Any queries regarding venues should be sent to me – notice however, that Wavertree and the ABC Bridge Club are already closed and others may follow.

6. If you have any other queries, please do send them to me and I will farm them out to the appropriate committee members. We will do our best to answer in these uncertain times.

st gs.jpg

St George's Church, Kemp Town, Brighton

Happy Christmas

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