Additional documents

For the opening of St George’s Café

To seated customers


Subsequent and in addition to the documents sent out for the opening of the café to takeaway customers and to be read in conjunction with that road map.


The café now intends to open the area at the north side of the church to customers who will be seated at the tables in that area.


We have 12 tables, but this does not include the sofas and tables at the North/East end of the church. 


The sofas and table at the N/E end of the church will have black and yellow tape to denote that they are not to be used, since there is a greater risk of Covid19 being passed on through insufficient cleaning of material.


These tables and sofas should not be used.


It is intended that the 12 tables will be in use with two chairs for each table.  (Up to two chairs may be used at each table by those who are in a social bubble).


Sandro will ask each customer if they are intending to stay in the cafe or leave.


People using the tables should write a contact number on a paper supplied by the café, and which can be place in a box.  The contents of the box will be put into an envelope at the end of each day and kept for 21 days.

The pen used for this purpose should be cleaned by the sanitizer


Yellow tape will be fixed on the floor showing a one-way route around the area and advising people to keep a 2 m distance.


Only disposable plates, cup and cutlery to be used.


Customers must pick up food at the table at the end of the counter.


Customers to be advised to put debris in the bin provided as they leave.


Sandro will wipe tables and chairs after customers leave.


If the numbers of customers increase above 15, or if particular times are busy, then volunteers will be called upon to help with the cleaning of tables.


Chairs to be placed at the N/E end of the church to prevent people going into vestry.


The toilet will be accessible by following the grey arrows and directions will be placed on leaflets on the table.


All leaflets on tables are to be laminated and sanitized once people leave a table.


Tables and chairs are to be cleaned and sanitized once the café is closed.