The government gave permission to open pubs, restaurants and cafes from the 5th July. We can therefore look at opening St George’s Café.

To do this we have to:



Make sure that staff in particular are aware of COVID symptoms – produce list. If a staff or customer has, for instance, a cough then they may be asked to leave.


Staff facilities:

Staff drinks will be for those working within the buildings, but they must be ordered, or staff must stand back by the S/W door and wait for their turn to get a drink.

NB: only Sandro is to go behind the serving station.

Services offered to the public:

For the present time, the café would open for take away teas and coffees and other drinks with pre-prepared food such as sandwiches and cakes.

Pre-ordered take away food could be a second stage within the opening process.


The café could open as it was, with table service, but this was not considered possible without at least one volunteer for each day.

Disposable and recyclable cups and packaging to be used.



There are limited deliveries and usually from Herbert and Ward. These would be taken by Sandro and cleaned down or left for a 48-hour period before they are used.


Diary and Test and Trace

Keep a daily diary of Sandro’s work.

As a takeaway facility, Test and Trace is not practicable for




Sandro should keep at least a metre between himself and customers, and customers should be asked to keep a distance between each other of 2 metres.


Guiding signs should be set out:

Outside of the buildings either by putting down tape marks along the York stone pavement or by A boards asking people to remember distances.


Entrance should be by the middle doors on the West side of the

church. Customers should be guided along the counter where they can order. Then guided along chairs at the back of church and out of the N/W door.

2-metre signs should be on the floor together with arrows.

The N/W door would allow exit for both café and Community Centre.

Disabled and buggy access to be allowed through N/W door with appropriate signs asking people to give way to customers if they are leaving by this door.


A Perspex barrier will be placed at the end of the counter.

Sandro will take the orders, prepare the drinks and snacks, and place on a table at the end of the counter. The customers will pick them up from this table.


The table will be sanitised when necessary

All payments should be contactless – using a card machine.



Masks, aprons and gloves to be used where appropriate



Sale display:


The blue notice board on the easel should have large print, drinks and food menu so that people can choose their option as they queue.



Cordon Off nonessential areas:


Cordon off nonessential areas – taking care that the children’s corals are marked as no-go areas.

Make a poster asking parents and guardians to supervise children

The main body of the church will be cordoned off.





Entrance and exit doors to be kept open for ventilation





We are asked to keep toilets open.

It would of course be advisable for people to use their home facilities before venturing out, and only use café toilets when necessary.

We already have a toilet which will only cope with one person at a time.

Handwashing facilities are available, as are air drying units.

A spray sanitiser will also be placed in the toilet.

Signs and posters will advertise the above

Social distancing marking will be placed in front of toilet room

The facilities will be well ventilated by keeping the window open


Make a poster to say that toilets can only be used by customers.


Other uses for hand sanitiser:


Wash hand and clothes if you have helped someone in an emergency.


Hand sanitisers are in place at the entrance to the building


Multi use of main church area:


Make sure that anyone booking to use the main part of the building has a clear agreement on their conduct and how this will impact on the café.





Deep clean kitchen and check stock and expiry dates.

Clean delivered goods or keep in 48-hour quarantine area.

Keep the kitchen in the community centre locked at all times.





Groups ordering drinks and snacks:


Groups using the community centre may pre order food via Laura.

The food must be paid for before it is assembled.

The food can be set on a table with one person to collect for the whole group.


Personal possessions:

Leave all items such as back packs, coats, or gloves in staff lockers.



Bins clearly in place for customers to dispose of any café related garbage.



Clean the site before opening

Clean café area and machines regularly during working day

Having appropriate sanitising and cleaning products

Sandro will clean down the areas used by the café after the café is closed.


Using gardens:

If people are taking drinks out and sitting in the gardens remind them via posters to keep social distancing guidelines.


Face coverings.

Customers must wear masks when ordering and a sign should be place by the door informing people to do this. Exceptions will be made for those with valid medical reasons for not wearing masks.


Children and young people:


We continue to welcome families and children.

The government will allow outside play.

We are not allowed to use general play areas



Vulnerable people:

Those people who are shielding are advised not to attend the café.

People who are 70 and over are welcome but must assess their risk and whether to attend.



Bad weather plan:

Bad weather plans – make sure that people know that they cannot take shelter in the building



Contact relevant authorities to tell them that we are opening.


Further developments:

Additional road maps and risk assessments will be necessary if the café runs a pre-ordered main meal take away service, or if customers are to be invited for a sit-down service.



5th August 2020