New toilets for our community centre!
Laura writes:


"Congratulations, your application for a Veolia Environmental Trust grant has been successful."


I am so delighted to say that the grant application that I had been working on for a number of months, has been awarded to us. This money will cover all the work needed to replace and renew all the gents and ladies toilets and facilities in the community centre, a completely updated accessible toilet, as well as a shower room and new W.C. in the Adelaide community room.


Advice from Katherine Prior, Julian Vallis and the work with Fr Andrew on our goals was invaluable and I'm so happy we'll be able to move on with this really important project - I've only just found out, and they will update me again next week with information which will help us begin to set out a timeline, but in the mean time have encouraged us to spread the news and celebrate.


Thank you,


Congratulations Laura - we are blessed to have you as a part of the team - Fr Andrew