Lent, Holy Week and Easter

St George’s Church 2020

The Season of Lent:











A time of reflection: Beginning 26th February

That God exist and loves the people and world which he made.

Although we do not always live up to our calling to be the best we can be, and help other and look after our environment, God will help us to make amends and to work towards a better future.

God did not stand idly by in heaven but came to share our lives and show us a better way of being. 

Ultimately, he died so that amends could be made for all that is destructive and hurtful in our world.

How best do we follow the way

to the truth of God’s Love


Ash Wednesday:

Wednesday 26th February

Service 18:00

“Remember thou art but dust and to dust thou shalt return”

We think of ways in which we can make our lives better, and how we can use our time and energy to help others. 



We have the sign of the cross placed on our heads, made from the ashes of previous year’s Palm Crosses, to remind us of the frailty of our lives.





Mothering Sunday:

Sunday 22nd March

Service 10:30 with the giving out of flowers.

Today we remember those people who have been mothers to us in our lives – both those who are still with us and those who have entered the heavenly kingdom.

We think of how we too can be nurturing and help other people.

As a church we remember the role we play in reminding people of these important relationships.

Palm Sunday:

Sunday 5th April

Service 10:15 with procession around the church

This Sunday we remember the way in which Jesus was greeted by the people of Jerusalem as he went up to the city to take part in the festivals.

The people put palms on the floor and some even put their cloaks on the floor to welcome him as the messiah.

The words of the people, over the next few days, quickly turned to words of condemnation.

We remember how we so easily applaud people and ideas, but when the going gets tuff how quickly we too fall away.











Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week:

6th 7th and 8th April

Services 18:00 with address and reflection on the journey with Jesus to the cross

Maundy Thursday:

Thursday 9th April

Service 20:00 with Foot washing and Watch of the Passion

This evening we think about Jesus asking us to “love one another” and we remember that as an act of service he washed his disciples’ feet and asked us to be servants to each other.

We remember that he shared a meal with his disciples and asked us to share a meal (the main part of our Sunday service) and remember our family relationships and the nourishment we gain from our relationship with God.



Following the main service, we take an hour to sit in the quiet church in front of the sacrament and to reflect both on what Jesus went through and how we have grown in the previous year.







Good Friday:

Friday 10th April

Service 12:30 The Stations of the Cross

A service of words and music.  We walk with Jesus along the road form his condemnation to the cross and think of how that resonates with our own world and lives.  We then think of the Resurrection and how that has the power to change all things for the better.










Service 14:00 The veneration of the Cross.

In this service we remember Jesus’ death on the Cross and we give thanks for his sacrifice – a sacrifice which means that we might not have to endure the pains caused by our own failings as a community and as individuals.

Easter Day:

Hallelujah He is Risen!

Sunday 12th April

Service 10:30 Easter ceremonies and celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

Today we remember that Jesus who was suffered on Good Friday, was killed and entered hell.  He was a sacrifice without blemish – he had done nothing wrong -  and so was able to open the gates which bound so many and lead them into paradise.  He holds out the promise of forgiveness for all that we have done wrong, sets an example of helping others, and invites us to celebrate this day and in due time to live in the heavenly kingdom.

Let us rejoice in God’s creation!











Following our Easter Day service come and share in our bring and share

Easter Brunch

Bring something along to put on our food table and share – and then enjoy food, conversation and good company.

Celebrate Easter with the church family.

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