St George’s Community Centre

Guidelines and checklists for groups and centre users


Covid-19 Additional Hirer Terms and Conditions

The government announced that community facilities can reopen from 4th July 2020, but with strict measures in place and restrictions on the activities which can be held.

Support groups, children’s support and youth activity groups, exercise classes, training and education, and rehearsals are all able to take place, provided following rules are adhered to and risk assessments from each group are produced.

To enable you to use the community centre safely the following guidelines must be adhered to :

  • Individuals should keep 2m distance

  • Maximum numbers allowed in each centre room are revised to :

    • Large Hall – 18

    • Adelaide Room (smaller hall) – 12

    • Community Room 1 – 6

    • Toilets – 1 person (or 1 plus carer) in any of the toilets at one time

  • Hand sanitizer pumps, cleaning sanitizer sprays, and safe distancing / handwashing / symptom / capacity guidance will be displayed throughout the centre

  • Kitchen facilities will be closed

  • Time slots will be adjusted to give a break between different hires – groups should not interact with one another, so should leave the building after meetings to allow maximum time and space for the following group

  • Cleaning will be increased; however, we will need your help to maintain the cleanest environment possible, and require you to clean touch points, chairs, tables when you enter the room and before you leave – products and disposable towels are provided

  • Please wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival into the building, when using washrooms, when finishing in a room and when exiting the building – extra sanitizing stations are available around the building

  • You must attend a briefing with the centre manager on how to use the centre safely, and submit a risk assessment in advance of your hire, demonstrating how you will make your activity as safe as possible


In these new circumstances, we ask you to adhere to these additional terms of use :

  • Strictly follow the information and guidance regarding maximum numbers allowed in the centre rooms

  • Please enter and leave the rooms one by one, maintaining a safe distance at all times

  • Please enter the hall through the marked entrance doors and leave via the door on the other side of the hall, and up the stairs out

  • Please do not move the chairs – they’ve been marked out at a safe distance (unless your activity requires open space)

  • Maintain a register (blank copies available in each room) of all attendees – name, contact details, date and time of attendance – and return to centre manager in person or to office. (These details will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed)

  • For support / anon groups, a dedicated group representative can keep this information and contact Laura directly should any of those attendees become unwell after visiting the centre

  • Wipe clean high touch surfaces when you enter the room and before you leave

    • Door handles

    • Tables

    • Chairs

    • Any equipment used

    • Toilets

  • All activities must be none contact

  • Ventilation – community room doors should be propped open during meetings. The glass vestibule doors and those throughout the centre should remain closed as they are all fire doors

  • The ventilation system in the small and large hall should be switched on upon arrival into the room, and off when you leave

  • Equipment must not be shared in such a way that different people are touching the same item.  Only group leaders should touch equipment boxes

  • All activities should adhere to the current government safe distancing guidelines.  Aware that things will change, centre manager will keep in touch, though ultimately it is the hirer’s responsibility to advise their group on this

  • Face coverings are mandatory within the centre and church, please wear one when you are inside the building, unless you are unable to due to medical reasons

  • If you or any of your group members are still shielding in line with current government guidelines, we will ask that those individuals do not attend anything at the centre at this time

  • Anyone over 70 or vulnerable should take into consideration government advice and information from St George’s and decide themselves if they feel they should attend the centre or church

  • Payment by cash is no longer an option – all groups must pay by either bank transfer (details provided on an invoice sent by email) or by contactless payment at the office (receipts will be issued electronically)

  • Should there be an emergency which leads to an evacuation of the building, please be aware that group members and anyone using the centre or church should leave immediately via the nearest available exit – the 2m rule does not need to be adhered to should you be evacuating the building

  • Music must be played at a volume which allows conversation and does not encourage raised voices or singing

  • The café will be open for take away Monday – Friday 10.30 – 2.30, feel free to purchase hot drinks or food from there to bring downstairs to your meeting

  • Hirers must brief their group on :

    • Entering and exiting the centre safely – following the one way system at all times

    • Securing the push bar exit door carefully when leaving

    • Washing / sanitizing hands on arrival and when leaving

    • Cleaning touch surfaces in the rooms before and after use

    • Maintaining a safe distance

    • Not attending if they feel unwell

    • Bringing own water / flasks / snacks if required, or purchase from St. George’s cafe – no kitchen will be available

    • Notify you immediately if they are taken ill with coronavirus symptoms or receive a positive Covid-19 test at any point up to 14 days after attending

  • If you are made aware of any illness after a meeting at the centre, you must advise the manager on / 01273 279448 as soon as possible







Additional Health and Safety Checklist for group leaders and hirers :

Entering and Exiting the building safely


Ventilation – doors and the ventilation system in rooms


Location of hand sanitizers


Location of posters and signage showing government guidance


Location of track and trace forms


Location of room cleaning products


Areas of high touch to be cleaned before and after room use


Capacity guidelines in rooms and around centre e.g. smaller hallway


Areas which are no longer to be accessed by hirers



Confirmation :

St George’s Community Centre has the right to terminate any existing or future hire agreements if you do not adhere to the additional terms and conditions detailed in this document


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