Cleaning Items to be Acquired (MV & Church):

  • Hand-sanitiser containing 70%+ alcohol (less than 70% is ineffective against Covid-19)

  • Sanitising spray containing 70%+ alcohol

  • Disposable cleaning cloths

  • Disposable gloves (with the proviso that they are changed frequently as they are a known cause for spreading infection - regular hand-washing with soap & water is preferable to wearing gloves in terms of preventing the spread of infection)

  • Black bin bags for rubbish and PPE

If any hirers have been using the building, prior to the hire, they will be asked themselves to clean touchpoints, chairs, surfaces they have used, etc before they leave.

Mv should find out if anyone has been using the church within a 48 hour period prior to the streamed event.  If the church has been used then MV should clean down any surfaces which may have been used.


What is to be Cleaned Following Streamed MV Events (please note that it is intended that only the main ground-floor church area is to be used - if for any reason the crypt toilets have been used then the same process will apply to this area and the stairs/banisters leading down, downstairs toilet for disabled only):

  • All door handles, push-pads, taps & buttons, using 70%+ alcohol sanitising spray & disposable cloths, in the main church area used, including:

  • The main front entrance & exit plus vestibule area

  • Door to left of stage when facing (plus the door leading to the lift)

  • The lift buttons (inside & outside)  if using disabled facilities.

  • Door to right of stage if using disabled facilities.

  • Door to toilet

  • Toilet flush handle/button

  • Toilet seat & bowl

  • Toilet sink & taps

  • Toilet bin

In addition, any tables & chairs that have been used by artists & staff will need to be wiped down with sanitising spray & disposable cloths.

The church’s one-way system will need to be observed when performing cleaning duties..

All church furniture to be put back in place according to the plan provided by the church.


St George’s Church:  on 25/08/20