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CV19 Risk Assesmnet


The wearing of masks for services and concerts is mandatory

People do not have to wear masks in the café.


Entry into church and seating

People will be encouraged by notices on tables to respect people’s desire for social distancing where appropriate


 (This will help those who may be feeling vulnerable)




The café staff will wear a mask


People will be asked to respect other people’s vulnerabilities and keep distance of 1m where appropriate

This will help to prevent the spread of air bourn CV19



Windows will be opened to allow ventilation.  Doors need not be kept open.

With our building being so tall, and hot air rising, people will not be forced to mingle in air which has been breather out by their fellow participants.  That air will take four hours to fall back down to floor level. 


Toilets will be in use.


Notices advising people to wash their hands will be in place

This will decrease any possibility of passing on Cv19 by physical contact

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