Opening St George’s Church for streaming of events:


The government gave permission to open places of entertainment from the

15th August in their stages to a road map to recovery*. We can, therefore, look at opening St George’s to streaming and potential indoor concerts.

*Stage Four - Performances allowed indoors and outdoors (but with a limited socially-distanced audience indoors)



There will be 10-15 people present for the streaming of concerts, this will include the hirer, technical, and other relevant staff and artists. An online license is to be applied for and wifi at the church has been upgraded.


Services offered to the public:

For the present time, the Church would open for streaming.

Local authority notification of opening:

The licensing department of Brighton & Hove Council has been contacted to inform them of the opening of St George’s for streaming. They have fed back that streaming does not contravene the licence.


Multi-use of main church area:

The community centre manager will liaise with the concert hirer using the main part of the building in order that they  have a clear agreement on their conduct and how this will impact on the live streaming

Hirer need to speak with manager about who used it last and when - this may impact cleaning


Insurance in line with the risk assessment, employers, and public liability insurance.


Hirers should keep at least 2 metres between themselves and staff and

staff should be asked to keep a distance between each other of 2 metres. 3 metres should be kept between singers and any other person.  Singers should face away from anyone else, where possible


Entrance and Exit:

The entrance should be by the north-west doors on the north side of the church.

2-metre signs should be on the floor together with arrows.

The entrance should be secured once everyone is in the building


Cordon off non-essential areas:

The main body of the church will be cordoned off. The front of the Church in front of the altar, and the immediate space in front of the plinth will be used; the front rows of chairs may need to be moved; the hirer will have a photo guide to return the church to its regular seating and furniture plan before the end of the hiring period. 



Windows to be kept open for ventilation



There is one toilet to be used on the ground floor area of the church; the disabled toilet is accessible in the community centre.

Handwashing facilities are available, as are air drying units.

A spray sanitiser will also be placed in the toilet.

Signs and posters will advertise the above.

Social-distance marking will be placed in front of the toilet door.

The facilities will be well-ventilated by keeping the windows open.


Other uses for hand sanitiser:

Wash hands and clothes if you have helped someone in an emergency.

Hand-sanitisers are in place at the entrance to the building



There will be a bin dedicated to the disposal of PPE/general waste at the exit doors, regularly

changed, and with clear signage.


Staff requirements:

Staff will be provided with the risk assessment and checklist in advance of the hire.

The hirer will stagger the arrival and departure times for staff.

The hirer, staff, and artists will be encouraged to bring their own water/soft drinks /individual flasks of hot drinks and snacks.

We will have signage and extra wall-mounted hand-sanitizer points asking users to wash

hands and/or sanitize when they arrive and leave the building.

Equipment must not be passed between staff.


Staff and PPE:

Staff working around the church will be wearing face coverings (either

masks or visors).

Aprons and gloves are available for staff as and when they feel it would be the safest

measure to wear them.

Staff will wash hands regularly throughout their working hours.


Personal possessions:

All persons will be asked to place all items such as backpacks, coats, or gloves separately to other people to avoid contamination on designated tables, please ensure one person belongings, please wipe down after use. . (see notice)


Track and Trace:

Names and contact numbers for anyone using the church must be collected by the

hirer, and then left for the church manager.

Should anyone report that they have become ill up to 14 days after using the building, this

information will be used to contact those who were also using the church at that time.

This information will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.



Hieres will have a cleaning checklist to carry out before leaving.

Touchpoints with each hirer – handrails, lift buttons,

tables, chairs, and door handle.


Advice to hirers:

Those who are considered to be vulnerable and/or over the age of 70 are to

take into consideration our advice and that of the government, and make their own

decisions about whether to visit.

Those planning to visit the  church to please not attend if they feel

at all unwell, and to contact us immediately should they become unwell up to 14 days after

visiting the building.


We will be asking any hirers/staff/artists and volunteers to communicate  quietly, so as not to

encourage talking loudly over the music as this may spread bacteria.

There can be no wind or brass instruments played at this time.

If group leaders or visitors intend to speak in front of the group, the must turn to one side,

rather than face them. Potentially use a PA system so as not to raise their voice. TBC by group at meetings with centre manager.


Further action:

Additional road maps and risk assessments will be necessary for audiences attending live events.

The completed roadmap to re-opening will be published on our website for anyone to read




St George’s Church:  on 25/08/20