On Arrival:

  • Risk assessment/checklist issued and read by all working in the building prior to working.

  • Please bring your own extra sanitiser for entrance and exit areas.

  • If any hirers have been using the building, prior to the hire, they will be asked themselves to clean touchpoints, chairs, surfaces they have used, etc before they leave. Hirers should find out if anyone has been using the church within a 48 hour period prior to the streamed event.  If the church has been used then MV should clean down any surfaces which may have been used.

  • All artists, technical staff, management and hirer and hirer’s staff to bring their own refreshments, the cafe is out of bounds.

  • Production and plan and communication plan in place.

  • Hirer to arrive by the northwest, before the artists, management, and technical staff, who have staggered arrival times (Hirer to provide a timetable for the streamed event). Signs up re-entrance/exit north-west.

  • Hirer to remove chairs in the north-west entrance and return at the end. Consider rearrange the furniture at the front of the church for the stream but avoid using the altar area.

  • Artists’ management & technical staff to wipe & sanitise all sound, monitoring & technical equipment at St George’s Church. This can be done in transit or at the church forecourt upon unloading. The artists’ management should provide their own sanitiser for this.

  • All artists, technical staff, management and hirer and hirer’s staff to sanitise hands-on arriving at the church entrance (there is only one entrance in operation at present - the north-west door - and one exit - the door to the left of the main entrance). The church has provided wall hand-sanitisers at both the entrance & exit, and at other points in the church, but it is recommended that staff & management also bring their own hand-santisers to ensure self-protection and prevent the spread of potential infection.

  • It is recommended that all staff and management wear masks or visors (the latter may be more beneficial for communication) once in the building. It is recommended that artists wear masks or visors other than when performing.

  • There is a one-way system in operation in the church once inside.

  • 2-meter social distancing is in operation at all times inside the church. 3-meters for singers when performing, with singers facing away from each other where possible.

  • Please recognise that there will be no designated dressing room area for the artists.

  • Please keep your belonging separate from other persons on the designated tables provided (see notices).


Setting Up

  • Observe social distancing system the church has set up. Please restrict movements to the north-west entrance and from of the Church

  • Open windows for ventilation and ensure doors are closed post load in.

  • Observe production and communication plan.

  • Do not move any chairs or church furniture as the hirer and hirer’s staff will have done this already to ensure easy access to the stage area for technical staff and their equipment.  The hirer and hirer’s staff will assist if any furniture still needs to be moved.

  • Please remember there is only one toilet in use, and this is situated to the right of the stage when facing it. Disabled toiles, if required, can be used downstairs, but please remember that there may be other activities taking place in the church crypt area. It is recommended that the upstairs toilet only is used and that hand-santiser is applied after hand-washing.

  • 2-metre social-distancing is observed by all present.



  • Technical staff, management, and hirer and hirer’s staff to continue to observe 2-meter social-distancing.

  • Observe production and communication plan.

  • Technical staff, management, and hirer and hirer’s staff to continue to wear masks or visors.

  • Performers will now of course no longer be wearing masks or visors but will be encouraged to observe two-meter + three-meter for singers, social-distancing whilst on stage.

  • We will be asking any hirers/staff/artists and volunteers to communicate  quietly, so as not to

  • encourage talking loudly over the music as this may spread bacteria.

  • Any technical problems experienced by the performers to be addressed directly to technical staff, management, or MV staff to ensure the smooth running of the event.


After the Event

  • Technical staff to observe the church’s northwest exiting and staggering exiting on dismantling & transporting equipment from the church to the vehicles outside.

  • Hirer and hirer’s staff to replace and sanitise any church furniture moved during transit of equipment.

  • The church must be restored to readiness for the next day’s worship or cafe/nursery activities by Hirer and hirer’s staff (center manager to provide photos of the church layout to assist in this).

  • Respect to be shown to the church’s neighbours in transporting equipment from the event.

  • Feedback about the event and any problems encountered, to be provided to Hirer and hirer’s r for the live streaming, to ensure the success of future such events.

  • Checklist for cleaning carried out by hirer and hirer’s 


St George’s Church:  on 25/08/20