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Roadmap to reopening


Government guidelines allow us to open from July 4th 2020, so provided the following plans are put into place, as well as completing risk assessments for every area of the building and each user group, we are looking at a gradual reopening from August 10th.


During lockdown essential services were taking place within the centre – the NHS Pharm @ Sea Monday to Friday – and in the gardens – Sussex Peasant providing a fresh food market on Fridays.


Following government guidelines for the reopening of a multi use community space, we intend to take the following actions to ensure the health and safety of visitors, volunteers and staff.


General points –

  • We will advise that people still shielding should not at this time attend the centre or church at all.

  • Those who are over 70 or vulnerable should follow government guidelines and advice to make their own decision about whether they should attend the centre and church

  • We will be writing to our insurance company with our roadmap and risk assessments to ensure we have covered everything required.

  • We will work with every group using the community centre and church to ensure they each have a specific risk assessment, and also a set of clear guidelines and check list for their use of the building. Each group will meet with centre manager to discuss.

  • We will check that each room is treated differently in terms of its capacity, but that each area has cleaning products and sanitizer available at all times.

  • Each room will be marked out so users are aware and adhering to 2m distance between them (less if they are from the same household or are in the same ‘bubble’)

  • We will check through a fire risk assessment in terms of which doors are able to be propped open for ventilation and which must remain closed – main entrance doors and fire doors throughout centre should be kept closed. Community Room doors can be kept open

  • We will be ensuring safe use of our lift using clear signage that only one person (or one + carer) should use it at any time, and put sanitizer spray in for people to keep it clean

  • At this time, there will be no live performances in the church or centre, no celebrations – weddings, birthdays etc. – until government guidelines allow.

  • Social groups and meetings can meet in the church if organised through Fr. Andrew / Laura, briefed and planned carefully

  • At this time, there will be no choir rehearsals in the church.

  • We will not be accepting any cash – all payments in the café, church and centre will be by contactless card payment.

  • We will be letting users know that masks should be worn within the centre, unless an individual is medically unable to wear one. There will be signage encouraging / reminding visitors to wear a mask


Movement around the building –

  • We will ensure that the glass vestibule door is for those entering the building, and that the North West church door is for those exiting, with clear signage and guidance on display to show this, for safe access to all.

  • Any users requiring the lift, will need to exit the building through the glass vestibule doors due to there being just one lift – we will make sure this is made very clear and that signage asks people to wait outside if someone is exiting from the lift.

  • We will have a one way system around the centre, clearly marked with signs and floor arrows.

  • The chairs and tables currently in the centre will be removed so there is maximum space for people to distance when using corridors and hallways.

  • We will identify points of high risk and ensure that they are clear and signed, especially where the hallway is only wide enough for one person at a time – we’ll be encouraging waiting at one end and remaining on one side of the hallway.

  • We will manage arrival and departure times, so groups are staggered, there is enough time for each room to be cleaned between groups and that, where possible initially, only one group is in the centre at any time.

  • We will be advising and clearly communicating that 2 groups must not interact.  Groups must only interact with those in their own meeting.



Toilets –


  • We will keep the outside and inside main doors into the 2 sets of toilets propped open for ventilation, with signs asking users to keep them so, and a sign to ask users of the disabled toilet to leave the door open after use.

  • There will be a cleaning schedule in each toilet area to be signed off by the cleaner.

  • There are wall mounted hand sanitizers and soaps in all toilets, and checks are in place to ensure that these are clean and full through the day.

  • There will be signs and notes in the guidelines for users to use the provided products to sanitize and clean the toilets and sinks after use.

  • The men’s toilets will have only one of two cubicles available – the second cubicle and urinals will be taped off and asked not to be used.

  • The lady’s toilets will have one of three cubicles available – two will be taped off and asked not to be used.

  • We have wall mounted electric hand dryers in all the toilets, which automatically turn on as someone holds their hands underneath, so towels and paper towels are not required. 



Kitchenette –


  • There is a small kitchenette in the community centre usually open for use by users. We have decided to close and lock this completely, to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus.

  • A new lock will be put on the door, with the centre manager holding the key and clear signs up.

  • Users will be encouraged to bring their own soft drinks / individual flasks of hot drinks and snacks with them.

  • The café is now open for take away in the church, so users of the centre can purchase their own hot drinks / snacks / lunches from café manager, in take away cups, to bring down to meetings with them

  • There will be no hot drink making facilities available in any of the centre rooms, so we will reiterate the above point to hirers



Cleaning –

  • Our regular cleaner will have day to day lists of what needs to be done around the building, with notes for extra areas and touch points to focus on each day – handrails, lift buttons, tables, chairs and door handles.

  • Centre manager will also make sure sanitizers and soaps are always full.

  • Extra wall mounted hand sanitizer stations will be put up at entrances and exits to the building and near the larger rooms.

  • The hirers and users of the centre will be asked in their guidelines and checklists to clean the rooms – chairs, tables, door handles – when they have finished their meetings.  Cleaning products, signs and information will be available for them and centre manager will go through all of this with them in meetings before they resume regular use of the space.

  • We will have signage and extra wall mounted hand sanitizer points asking users to wash hands and / or sanitize when they arrive and leave the building.

  • BINS – There will be a bin dedicated to the disposal of PPE at the exit doors, regularly changed and with clear signage.

  • Equipment must not be passed between groups, unless it has gone through a thorough deep clean or a 48 hour quarantine process in the dedicated area in centre manager’s office


Advice to centre users and church goers –

  • We will be advising anyone visiting any part of the building to wash or sanitize their hands before entering and when leaving – there will be signage up to communicate this, and new sanitizer dispensers at the entrance and exit doors and in the main hall

  • We will be advising anyone entering to please wear a face mask, where possible.

  • We will be advising anyone still shielding not to visit the building at all, at this time, both in guidelines for hirers and with signage

  • We will be advising those who are considered to be vulnerable and / or over the age of 70 to take into consideration our advice and that of the government, and make their own decisions about whether to visit.

  • We will ask those planning to return to the centre or church to please not attend if they feel at all unwell, and to contact us immediately should they become unwell up to 14 days after visiting the building.

  • The completed roadmap to reopening will be published on our website for anyone to read through


Noise –

  • We will be asking any groups who intend to play music, to do so quietly, so as not to encourage singing or talking loudly over it as this may spread any bacteria.

  • There can be no wind or brass instruments played at this time.

  • No choir rehearsals at this time.

  • If group leaders or visitors intend to speak in front of the group, the must turn to one side, rather than face them. Potentially use a PA system so as not to raise their voice.  TBC group by group at meetings with centre manager.


Staff and PPE –

  • Staff working around the café, church and centre will be wearing face coverings (either masks or visors)

  • Aprons and gloves are available for staff as and when they feel it would be the safest measure to wear them

  • Staff will wash hands regularly throughout their working hours

  • All staff will help to oversee the regular cleaning and checking that sanitizers and soaps are always full and available.

  • Centre manager will communicate with visitors through the glass window wherever possible.

  • Staff will not accept any cash payments for refreshments in the café or for room bookings – we will have contactless payment machines and, for hirers, the option to pay via a bank transfer upon receiving an invoice from centre manager


Track and Trace –

  • Names and contact numbers for anyone using a room in the centre must be collected by the group leader, and then left for the centre manager.

  • Should anyone report that they have become ill up to 14 days after using the building, this information will be used to contact those who were also using the centre at that time.

  • This information will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.


Groups and their activities –

  • We will ask each potential group what they will be undertaking during their room hire, and assess with them if they can meet under the current government guidelines

  • The new, reduced, capacities of each community centre room will be made clear to hirers in the written guidelines, during the meeting with centre manager and on signs in each room. These are –

    • Large Hall – 18

    • Adelaide (smaller hall) – 12

    • Community Room 1 – 6

    • Toilets – 1 person to be in at any time


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St George's Church, Kemp Town, Brighton

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