Following the governments advice for people to avoid restaurants the Cafe will, closing until we are given the all clear to reopen.


By doing this we hope that we will play our part in helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus and also protect our customers.


We do realize that this will leave some people without their usual company and feeling the impact of self isolation.  To help with this Sandro our, Cafe Manager, will from next week be hosting a chat room for an hour or so - the details will be  given here.  This might give you chance to speak with one another and to have a little bit of company.

In order to join him open an account, for free, on Zoom.Com

At the agreed time we will announce the room name and pass word here. 

If you would like to offer help, then please read:

Let us all hope, and pray, that this will soon be over and we can return to meeting up with each other in our cafe, community centre and church.


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